Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Waiting Their Turn

The manure spreaders are lining up to get loaded. They seem to be able to haul manure faster then Chris can load it, but then again he is just using a skid loader.

Hauling Manure the Old Way

These young people are enjoying a warm sunny day hauling manure.  It's not everyday that one gets a chance to spread manure like grandpa used to do.  People in the coffee shop will be talking about this all year long.

The Way Lester Sees it

Lester just stopped over to watch the horses work. (haul manure) Lester just lives a little north-west of the farm.  He told one of the horses and wagon drivers the manure spreader should not have rubber wheels on it.  They used to be built with steel, and farmers loaded the manure with pitch forks, not with a skid-loader.  But the driver said they were doing this just for fun and not trying to make work out of it. Lester still felt they should do it right.

A New Job for the Quarter Horses

Laurin lives south west of Elkton and before he retired he ran a cow-calf operation along with a feedlot.  He used his quarter horses to check the cattle.  After he retired he started to break the quarter horses to pull machinery.  He said when he's working 3 horses, he puts the green horses in the middle and it works out pretty well.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

A Farmer Turned Electrician

Justin farms north of town, but after high school he went off to school to study to be an electrician. He worked for a number of years in the field, but his heart was still in farming. So now he is doing both. He has his own shop on Elk Street and he and his family farm north of town.

Electrician at Work

Justin is replacing the electrical outlets in a home here in Elkton.  Justin believes they were installed in the 60's and felt it was a good idea to replace them.