Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The tractor that was lost in a grove of trees

Dave and his Dad found this tractor in a grove of trees, left to rust out. The transmission was gone, and the tractor looked like its better days were over, but Dave took the tractor home with him and took it apart piece by piece, replacing the hoses, nuts, and other parts and repainting every single piece. When he drives it out of the shop in a few months, it will run and look like a new tractor. Dave told me the has been working on it for about a year now; and in about two months, it should be ready to go into the field.

The farmer has to be comfortable

Rather than trying to fix up and paint the old tractor seat, Dave went out and ordered a new one. When the farmer goes out to the field in the fall or spring, he will spend a lot of time on the tractor, and he should be comfortable.

This Ford got a new life

Dave and his Dad bought this Ford tractor at a fire sale. It was burned badly and was ready for the junk yard to be sold for parts. Dave completely disassembled it and replaced every hose, nut, and screw that was worn out and repainted the whole tractor. When it left the shop, it looked and drove like a new tractor. Dave tells me that his Dad stops in the shop from time to time to ask a few questions and see how things are going.