Thursday, December 06, 2007

A family's christmas concert

On Sunday, a cold winter evening, Brian and Sonia have family and friends out to the farm to celebrate the Christmas season and Brian's birthday with a concert of Christmas music played by their four children.

We Three Kings

They open the concert with some piano selections. Sitting at the piano, Bronson and Camille play " We Three Kings", impressing their family and friends.

A contented musician

Smiling, Brianna shows her love for music as she plays "Emmanuel" and "O holy Night" on the piano.

Listening to a piano duet

Bronson and Brian take a moment to sit back and listen to Brianna and Camille's duet, "One Small Child."

A musician's reward

Joining in on the evening festivities. Molly rewards Bronson with a piece of her candy for playing the mandolin so well.

A musical family

Mom, Bronson, and Camille listen appreciatively to Brianna play a piece on the violin in the Bluegrass Country Christmas part of their concert.

The First Noel

Camille gives a special rendition of "The First Noel" on her clarinet while family members look on. Later on her Grandpa made a special request for her to play one of his favorite songs which she played on the piano.

A joyful moment

"Joy to the World" sounds especially joyful when Brianna and Bronson play it on the violin and the cello.

A little help from Dad

After the concert, Brian takes a little time out to give Molly some pointers on how to take care of her guitar.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Hockey-playing sisters

Lexy and Lacy are sisters who spend a great deal of time together. They ride the bus together, attend the same school, and play on the same hockey team--the Rangers. They play hockey with their whole heart and soul. In fact, during their last game, the first game of the season, Lacey was the first and only player to spend time in the penalty box. I overheard her tell her dad she did not trip another player on purpose; she was just into the game. Their team won that game 10-0.

Hockey rink in Brookings

The ice rink in Brookings is one of the finest in the States. I have watched hockey played in rinks in many places, from Boston to the Rocky mountains, and I feel this rink would rank right up there with the best of them. Sometimes you have to travel far to really appreciate what you have in your own back yard.

The value of a coach

To have a great team you need to have a good coach; and the Rangers have one of the best. Their coach not only played hockey as a young lady, but also went on to college and played as well. Just watching the team play, you can see that they are well coached. They move the puck around with ease and play well together as a team.

Hockey is a family sport

Not only do Lacey and Lexy play together on the same team, but their whole family is involved in the sport. Dad makes sure they get to practice three times a week; Mom gets them to the games; and Grandma and Grandpa are their biggest fans.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Ready for the winter storm

You can see that Jimmy is ready for the winter storm arriving tonight. He has already gotten his tractor out with the loader on to clean the snow off the yard so he'll be able to get around.

Montana cattle in South Dakota

These young heifers have just arrived off a Montana ranch, and according to Jimmy "have not seen a man walking on two legs." Jimmy feeds them as often as 7 times a day just so they get to feel comfortable around him.

The heifer replacements

Jimmy must feel good with his new bunch of heifer replacements. They all look so even in size and healthy. They also seem to be settling in well on the farm.

Fat cattle

Jimmy is taking some time to walk through his fat cattle pen. He is looking to see how the cattle are doing. Do they need a little extra bedding because of the winter storm moving in tonight? Are there any sick ones in the pen? How do they seem to be gaining?

Skyview Junction

Skyview Junction is located 2 miles north of Elkton on the corner of highway 13 & 14. It is frequented by people who are just passing by as well as the local farmers in the area.

Jimmy at work

Jimmy farmed for years, but now he has turned his farm job into an inside job. On a cold wintery December day like today you can understand why. These last few months, the Skyview Junction has been a big waiting spot for the extra wide trucks that are hauling in the wind towers. It has given the local residents a chance to get a real close-up look inside and out of the wind towers. Jimmy always seems to find time to say hello and have a neighorly talk.