Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The farm

John and Sandy live on a farm which is really located in town. This is one farm couple that just enjoys raising farm animals for the sake of watching them grow.

Looking over the lambs

John is looking over his lambs to be sure they are all healthy. He is a little concerned that they might overeat.

Checking out the mother hen

Sandy is looking over the mother hen to make sure it is healthy. The hen has been sitting on her nest for over a month now, and the chicks are just beginning to hatch.

Mother hens and chicks

Several hens all lay eggs in the same nest, but just one hen sits on the nest and hatches out the chicks. That's the one we call the mother hen. She's the one they follow around and listen to.

The new born chick

Sandy has just picked up an egg from under a mother hen as the new born chick is about to be hatched. In just a few minutes this little chick will be running around.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Keeping the farmers wired

Someone has got to keep these retired farmers wired. Dave here is working on Marvy's house-- located in the Nelson addition-- so Marvy can have light on his walk.

Elkton lumber

The sweat shirt tells you what Kevin does for a living, but the smile on his face tells you what he loves to to do. Keeping this guy out a corn field during hunting season is like trying to keep a kid out of a candy jar over Christmas.

Harvest time

This picture captures the essence of South Dakota--warm sunny days with crisp cool nights and harvest time when the farmer is reaping his year's work.