Friday, April 27, 2007

Larry filling the irrgation tank

When people think of farming, they think in terms of feeding cattle, milking cows, or planting corn and beans. Irrigation farming in South Dakota is usually an afterthought for most of us, but for Larry it is one of his number one concerns to see that the tanks are full and ready to roll.
If I could, I would nonimate Larry and Judy number one citizens of Elkton. They, as a couple, make small town living a joy. These past years, Larry and Judy (and I say years) have looked after and taken care of one their elderly neighbors with no questions asked. They made sure the grass was mowed and the snow was shoveled. They also made sure Nick and Elaine were up and at it. Thanks Larry and Judy for going more than the extra mile.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Farming at its best

I heard through the grape vine that if Rick could live anywhere in the world he would choose South Dakota. He not only enjoys the peace and quiet the state offers, but he doesn't miss city traffic and noise. A weekend of shopping in the city is more than enough for him.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Snow in April

Would you believe it! It's the middle of April and Elkton is getting another snow storm. This is the time of year when farmers should be planting their wheat and thinking about getting their corn planter out. Mike is down at the city garage worrying about if he should be getting the snow plows out so the locals can get to work in the morning.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Rural South Dakota

When you drive through the countryside in South Dakota, you see this scene over and over: local farmers, like Marlin and Jerome, stopping long enough to say hello and be good neighbors.

The lady vet

Julianne is a long ways from the University of Georgia, where she is studying to be a veterinarian. Today she is spending time out at Les's farm to make sure his bulls are healthy and strong so they can do their job this summer.

The student vet

Julianne, a second year vet student from the University of Georgia, is spending a little time here on the farms in South Dakota. She told me she really likes the area and enjoys working with the farmers here, but just the thought of winter makes her want to return home. In the picture, we find her out at Les's preg checking a cow.