Thursday, September 06, 2007

Carl and his B John Deere tractor

There are not too many farmers in the Elkton area that use an old B John Deere as a working tractor on the farm, but Carl still does. Just the sound of the tractor running brings back many a memory for older farmers. Here Carl is using his B to run a wood saw to cut up used lumber which he sells.

Saving one tree at a time

Carl used to take used lumber, cut it up, and burn it to heat his shop, but one day he realized this lumber was too good to burn. So he started sorting it and cutting it into links. He soon found out that he had a good market for this used lumber. He called his new business, Saving One Tree at a Time.

The old barn

These old barns are gradually leaving the South Dakota landscape. Carl knows this old barn has lots of good used lumber in it that he can put to good use, but yet as a barn it is a historical marker in the Elkton area.

Carl and his dog

They say man's best friend is his dog, and I believe the picture tells the story. Carl tells me he is not sure what he would do without his dog and that he alone knows he has the best dog in the world.