Sunday, September 07, 2008

The family and its champion dogs

Kristie (center) grew up on a farm between Verdi and Elkton. For those of you who do not know where Verdi is, well, Verdi is part of the Tri-city area: Elkton, Verdi, and Ward. I believe Elkton is the only one of the three with a post office, so that makes Kristie a real country girl.

Kristie tells me that her mother, Kathy (on the right), started working with dogs as a young girl and raised collies. Both Kristie and her daughter Bailey (on the left) have continued the tradition. Recently, Bailey's dogs have been making headlines. Bailey's younger brother Lane (in front of Kathy) loves dogs, too.

Bailey with her dogs

Bailey, a 12-year-old at Elkton Junior High, not only enjoys school, but also loves to play sports after school. She enjoys playing volleyball and says the team is improving day by day. These days a big part of her life are her three dogs which she works with on a regular basis. She started working with them as pups and is having fun turning them all into champions.

Grand champion 6 times

Bailey knows what it's like to work with a champion. Her dog Tehya has won 6 grand champions in the last 4 years. This year she won 3 first places at the Brookings county fair and 1 first and 2nd place at the state fair. Bailey is proud of Tehya's title as a sixth-time grand champion.

The young champ

Bailey and Zoe work well together. Zoe is half border collie, half blue healer. For Bailey, this has been an ideal mix. Zoe is still a pup, but she is working like a champ. She has already won 2 first places at the state fair and 2 first places at the Brookings county fair. If Bailey brings out a ball or frisbee, Zoe is ready to go to work.

Bailey with Koko

Bailey is playing around with Koko in the front yard. Koko is still a very young dog and has only just recently entered the show ring, but she has already won a first and second place at the county fair. Bailey knows that this dog has a future in the show ring.

Lane and his dog

Lane is taking a break with his dog Zoe. He is not old enough to show his dog in the county or state fairs yet, but that suits him just fine. He leaves those honors for his older sister. For now, he just enjoys playing with his dog.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Dutch Belted Cattle

There are farmers in the Elkton area who are raising a few exotic cattle. Here's a picture of Wes' Dutch Belted cow with its new born calf. I wonder if Wes has this breed because of his own roots? He must be 100% Dutch.