Friday, September 11, 2009

Amber riding Marshmallow

Amber loves to visit Elkton. Not only does she get to spend time with her Grandpa and Grandmother (Diane and Dave), but she also gets to ride Marshmallow. Marshmallow was a special gift from her grandparents. Dave and Diane also see that Marshmallow is well taken care of when Amber is not here to look after her.

A little advice from mom

Amber stops her horse Marshmallow on the streets of Elkton to get a little advice from Mom. Elkton is a pretty good town to ride a horse in, but you have to be aware of cars. There are kids riding their bikes and playing ball on the streets too.

Friday, September 04, 2009

City man likes living in small-town Elkton

Dave, who works in the largest city in the state prefers to live in a small town. He enjoys going downtown in the morning and having coffee with the locals. When he wins the pot in the morning; I joke with his wife that he'll be taking her out to dinner, but she just laughs. Dave usually drives his VW diesel to work, but he tells me he feels more at home in his pick-up. I guess he's a farmer at heart. I asked him once if he thought people in small towns were friendlier then city folk, and he said not really. He told me he drove over the roads for years and always found good, nice, friendly people everywhere.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

The card player

I believe it would be hard to find a guy who loves to play cards more then Joker. He told me once that he plays cards just about every day of the week, and there have been times he said when he has played around the clock. Also, it would be difficult or impossible to find someone in Elkton who does not know him.


I have known Joker all my life. In fact, he lived right next door to my grandmother, but yet if someone asked me his real name, I would have to say it is Joker. If there is a card game going on in town, you will be sure to find him there. He is either playing or anxiously waiting to get into the game.