Thursday, December 17, 2009

A farmer or a gardener?

I'm not sure what to call Rick, a farmer or a gardener? Rick has one of the largest, cleanest, and best- kept gardens in the area, and he still does most everything by hand. He also seems to plant just about a little of everything, and he does it in a big way--from flowers to onions.

What came first, the chicken or the egg?

Rick has more then his share of animals on his farm, but he does things a bit differently from most farmers. He takes the eggs from his own chickens and puts them in an incubator to hatch them out. He takes complete charge of his animals from birth to the kitchen table.

The potato and corn field

It was hard for me to find a weed in Rick's potatoes. It was so well kept, and his garden just seemed to run forever.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

The oldest person in Elkton

Ethel is 94 years old, and I believe she is the oldest, or one of the oldest, young ladies in town. Ethel grew up, married, and farmed all her life on a farm north of Elkton. She tells me that Elkton is home for her; and for now, that is how she plans to keep it. She says she feels good, and her health is good. But yet, one of the most difficult things for her about being the oldest in the community is that she has outlived most of her very close friends.
Ethel still enjoys a good game of cards with friends, and when the weather is nice a ride in country. She also enjoys having a good steak dinner with friends in one of our neighboring towns on Saturday night.