Friday, January 30, 2009

The Outhouse

Not too many years ago the outhouse was a familiar sight on most Elkton farms, but with running water and electricty it has become a thing of the past like the B John Deere and M Farmal tractors. Usually when you visited the outhouse you found a Montgomery Ward catalog that was useful although it was not left there for reading.

Monday, January 19, 2009

A big decision

Les and Wes are taking time out before the big football game to look at the two feeder cattle that will be auctioned off at half time. Wes is a little intrigued to see that they have a Herford and a Shorthorn, when a good many of the feeder cattle in the area are Black Angus.

The Beef Bowl

The farmers have corn to be picked and beans to be combined, but yet they find time to take a half day off and enjoy a good football game. During the half time, Lenny, Jim, and Scott took time to auction off the two feeder cattle that are shown in the picture above. The money they raised was donated to the university.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

The wind farms

Driving north out of Elkton, you can drive for miles and see wind farms. For the Elkton farmer, it is a rather new farming operation although for years he has watched his Minnesota neighbor putting them up on his land.

A new way of farming

Many of the Elkton farmers who farm north of town are putting wind towers on their land. They find that the towers bring a little extra cash to their farming operation.

Donnie at work

Donnie is a people person, and working with the customers makes his day worthwhile. Here, he is weighing up hamburger meat and wants to be sure there is neither too much, nor too little fat in the meat.

Special cuts

Donnie likes to take time out and make those special cuts. If he knows what people want or knows what they are looking for, he tries his best to see that they get it.

Beef for dinner

Donnie supervises the fat cattle, the hogs, the buffalo, and the sheep being unloaded at the locker. He also walks the process through from the fifth wheeler where the livestock is unloaded to the packaging when it is going out of the supermarket. Donnie enjoys working with people and is happy seeing that the consumer is satisfied with his product.