Saturday, April 29, 2006

Spring pasture

This is the time of year that most cattlemen look forward to. The cows are all calved out and are anxious to get that first bite of green grass. They are more then happy to be able to run in the wide open hills. Someone once said that this part of South Dakota looks a lot like Ireland. Maybe that is why so many Irish settled in Elkton.

Fixing fence

It is getting to be that time of the year when a cattleman has to walk the fence and fix all downed wires and holes. Les tells me that a good fence will keep the cows in and the neighbor's bulls out, and that is something that he has to watch out for all the time. This particular fence gets snow pilled on it over the winter, and the snow pushes the post down into the ground. It's a job that has to be done just about every spring.

Friday, April 28, 2006

South Dakota farmer gets a haircut in Mexico

Here is a South Dakota farmer who drove to Mexico to get a $3.00 haircut. Paul said that he not only got a great haircut for his money, but he had a nice visit with the barber. Now, neither one of them spoke the same language, but anyone who knows Paul will find that a minor detail.

Wes checking the crops.

Wes is out checking the crops in Yuma. He was a little surpised to find the fields so muddy. I believe he was thinking they would be all sand, and he found out that they were clay just like back home. Also, the fields were full of lettuce and cauliflower. He soon found out why Yuma is known as the winter vegetable garden of the States.

An Elkton farmer visiting Arizona

Sometimes in the winter, some South Dakota farmers like to get out of the windy cold area and spend time in warm and sunny Arizona . This Elkton cattle feeder is looking over the Yuma area. He says it feels good to have the car windows down and feel the warm dry air blow across his face.