Sunday, January 28, 2007

Gene can fix just about anything

Gene is called on to fix just about anything that breaks down in town. Early in the day you might find him working on air-conditioner in a car in the gargage, and later on in the day you might find him in the basement of a house working on an outdated washing machine.

Wild turkeys

We are begining to see and hear a lot more wild turkeys in the area. I shot this picture of a hen and her chick just a mile south of town. For a while there was a large flock of them that made their home right here in Elkton, In fact they used to wander into my backyard, but after a time they found it a little more interesting to move into the country.

Farm kids love to share

Sherry let her regular readers bring pets to the library for their school mates to see. Talk about a fun activity. The library was buzzing with excitement and interest. The students loved showing off their cats, gerbils, pigeous and other small animals. I also found it quite interesting to see and hear about all the different small animals.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Milk for the calves

Ursula is getting everything ready to feed the herd of hungry baby calves. She looks after the young calves just like they are part of her family. She knows that in a few years they will be part of the milking herd.

Ursula and Ernest

Ursula and Ernest take time out for a little breather after feeding the first row of baby calves. They are rather new to the Elkton area, having moved here from Canada to build and run a family dairy. We are more than happy to have this farm family in the community.

Feeding time

Is it the sound of the pickup, the time of the day, or the sound of Ursula's voice that the calves all know that it is feeding time?

The new born calf

Ursula is feeding a new born calf. Sometimes the new born need a little help. Ursula takes care of calves as if they are part of her family. As you can see, the calf pens were not built for tall people.

Brothers at work

Tom is out mowing the ditches around the dairy barn. It is impressive to see someone mowing backwards at such high speeds. It must have learned how to do that at college.

Today some farmers spend more time on the computer in the barn doing bookwork than they do working with the cattle in the barn. Here Steve is working on the computer, but at the same time, he is not afraid to get his hands dirty.