Saturday, February 10, 2007

A farming family

Don, Justin, and Christopher are talking over the days events and getting ready to do the evening milking. I asked Christopher if he was in charge tonight, but he said. "No! I am just assisting."

A tight squeeze

I asked Christopher if he felt comfortable squeezing in between the cows because I remember as a kid getting kicked down, then falling and getting stepped on until I was black and blue. But Christopher, without hesitating, said, "Not at all. We have the cows trained to milk on either side, and if heifers don't settle down, Dad sends the them off to market."

Looking over the farm

Justin is showing me around the farm, and at the same time he's checking the feed and looking over the livestock to make sure they are all healthy. What impressed me is the enthusiasm and excitement Justin and Christopher have for farming. As we talked, I thought it would be nice if all of us loved our work as much as these young men love farming.