Friday, August 17, 2007

The digger

It is the middle of August and this digger won't be needed again until the corn is picked, so Emmett is washing it up and putting it away for a couple of months.

Baling wild hay

Emmett has just hauled in a load of small baled hay. It is wild hay that he gets only a single cutting of and feeds to his stock cows in the winter.

No lights or water

When Emmett first started farming, he farmed without electric lights or running water. He said getting electricity on the farm totally changed the way they farmed. He remembers how first Brookings got electricity, and then later the farms got it.

Time out for lunch

After a morning working in the field, John takes a break and is looking forward to having a bite to eat with his Dad.

Father and Son

John and Emmett are taking a lunch break on a hot sticky summer day. It also gives them time to discuss the news. Emmett is quiet concerned about the miners in Utah that have been trapped down in a mine for the last ten days.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

An Elkton banker

Before going to work in the morning at the bank, Jack always takes time to have coffee with the locals at the cafe, but he grumbles just as much as the next guy when he gets stuck and has to pay for the coffee.

Watering the flowers

After work at the bank, Jack takes time off to change into his farm clothes and water the flowers on Main Street. By the looks of the flowers, he is doing a pretty nice job. It must be the farm blood in his veins.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Farm girl to postmaster

Maryann grew up on a dairy farm south of Brookings. Growing up she thought it was just normal to have to help with the farm chores. After her father died and her brother took over the farm her chores increased. Today Maryann still works with farmers on a daily basis, but she has left her farm chores behind to be a postmaster.