Monday, March 31, 2008

Meals on wheels

Jessie and Cindy have the dinners all made and ready to be delivered every day for lunch. They do this with such joy and ease that you think it is an honor rather then a chore to do. They make the dinners for Meals on Wheels at the diner, along with the meals for 60 Plus and the regular customers.

Guests for dinner

Donna was telling me that she had invited guests over for dinner. Now her meals have arrived, but her guests have not. She also said that she has joined the Elkton Fitness Center and is more then happy with the facilities. She likes the idea that she can use the facilities any time of the day she wants.

Larry and Harriet and world travel

When I stopped in to see Larry and Harriet, we had a long talk about world travels. Larry lived for a number of years in Spain which he said he really enjoyed. He told me about traveling in northern Africa to bases and about life in Panama. The two have settled down now in Elkton.

A friendly Elktonite

iFern always takes time out to greet you with a warm smile and a happy greeting. She says she feels pretty darn good for a lady in her 90's. Then she went on to say that she and Bus bought this house when Bus returned home after World War II. They had always planned to build a new home, but more important things usually came into the picture, and Bus was real good about fixing things up around the house. Fern says it is always nice when the kids take time out of their busy lives and drop in for a visit.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Saint Patrick's Day Parade

Saint Patrick's Day never rolls around in Elkton without the Irish and others who enjoy taking time out to celebrate it. This year, St. Pat's fell during Holy Week, but that did not stop or slow them down from enjoying this great feast.

Saint Pat's Day fun

These young people in Elkton are taking time out to celebrate Saint Pat's Day. They tell me there are two types of people who celebrate on St. Pat's Day--the Irish and the ones that wish they were Irish. It was a bit cool to be riding in a parade today, but that didn't stop these kids from having a great time.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Senator Tom Daschle

Tonight at the South Dakota State University Performing Arts Center in Brookings, Senator Tom Daschle spoke to an enthusiastic audience about the challenges our country faces in assuring quality, affordable health care to all citizens. Daschle felt very much at home with this audience, but again this is where he went to school.

Tom Daschle speaks of health care

Tonight Daschle identified problems we face today in our health care system. He talked about the large number of uninsured, the problem of access to health care, and the different quality of health care people receive, as well as the high cost of our health care system. He pointed out myths about health care that prevent us from reforming the system and suggested a solution to the health care crisis.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The new fire truck

On a warm March day, members of the Elkton voluntary fire department are trying out and testing their new fire truck. They all were so excited and happy testing the truck that they could not not even take time to talk about it.

Elkton fire-fighers

Two Elkton voluntary fire-fighters are working a mock fire to be sure that every aspect of the equipment is working top-notch. The new equipment needs to be checked out and tried out to be sure it is working at its best.